Jenny Howard doing fieldwork on Española Island, Galápagos

Jenny Howard

Welcome! Bienvenido! As a scientist, I am broadly interested in ecology and evolutionary science with a particular focus on movement and foraging ecology. I have considerable experience completing field work on remote islands in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and am passionate about seabirds and the outdoors. Under an NSF GRFP at Wake Forest University, my PhD research investigates the environmental and individual predictors of foraging behavior in a pelagic seabird, the Nazca booby, in the Galápagos Islands. My work as a scientist extends beyond the field and lab: I’m eager to communicate science to other scientists and non-scientists through writing and teaching. 

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Wake Forest University

Department of Biology

1834 Wake Forest Road

Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Nazca booby holding a feather in its bill